Dental Checkups

On your first visit, we will ask you a series of questions and take a full health history. On follow-up visits, if your health status has changed, make sure to let us know. Here’s what you can expect during your routine dental checkup:

  • A Thorough Cleaning – Our Dental Hygienist, MacKenzie will clean along and below your gum line to remove built-up plaque and tartar that can cause gum disease, cavities, bad breath and other problems. She will then polish and floss your teeth.
  • X-Rays – X-rays can diagnose problems otherwise unnoticed, such as damage to jawbones, impacted teeth, abscesses, cysts or tumors, and decay between the teeth. MacKenzie will take the necessary x-rays you need in order to complete your full examination with Dr. Schroeder.
  • A Full Dental Examination – Once MacKenzie has finished, Dr. Schroeder will then perform a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and mouth, and your x-rays to look for signs of disease or other problems.
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